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Ch 1.: Memories and the Forbidden Outside...

NOTE: this book is entirely about my character, just as my other series of Doctor Who is, but you still might enjoy it as it has comedy and fun and seriousness and Sherlock himself in it. It's also mainly about drama and the relationship between Sherlock and my character, Hazel Holmes.

The sky was a gloomy grey, as per usual in England. The streets of London were dirty and busy, and as she looked at it through her bedroom window, she sighed.
Her mother, Hero, had always kept her a secret; a secret from both her father, and the outside world. Whenever they travelled, she always had to wear a hood for Hero's sake. She hated it. She hated her mother.

Hero was always telling her daughter how much like her father she was. Telling her that she looked, sounded, and acted like him all of the time; telling her that their personalities were always in sync.
Hero wasn't very smart however, cruel she may be. So to use that as an advantage, Hazel would escape her small prison-like room, taking all her belongings with her.
Even though her mother had bought her a dog, she still wasn't satisfied. She just wanted to escape, be free, run from this stupid cell and meet her father, perhaps find out what he was like and who he really was? 'Yes', she thought now at her window. 'I shall escape this withering cell, and find my father'.


The sun set in the dreary sky as Hero walked upstairs to her daughters' room.
"Hazel!" She screamed. "Get down here and eat food! I'm heading out for the night for work, don't you dare run away!" And with that, her mother was off as usual, slamming the front door as she went.
So when Hazel continued to look out of the window, she spotted her mother walking into the street. Then smiling faintly, she whistled for her dog and ran downstairs.

Hazel looked at the small meal before her on the kitchen table. It wasn't much, just some pees and potato. Mind you, raw pees and potato. Hero might have given her all the science books, educational books, and history she wished for, but she would always starve the girl until her stomach ached. This was another reason why Hazel hated her mother.
Now she took the satchel which lay patiently on her chair, then whistled again for her dog.
"If I can escape this wretched place", she said in her deep English accent, "then I can find my father and be free."
And as if in answer to that plea, her black and white Border Collie came galavanting down the stairs with all fours in the air. He barked with glee, sprinting towards her with incredible speed.
However, she knew what he was going to attempt, so she shuffled to the side just in time for his long slick body to ghost past. Unfortunately for the dog, he flew into the wall. Fortunately for Hazel, her legs had been saved from the animal's charge. She smiled happily as the dog wined and turned round. Walking up to him, she knelt down and patted his head.
"Good boy Embry", she muttered, standing back up to put her satchel around her shoulders. Then looking to the door, she gestured for the dog to follow. 
Opening its brass rusty knob, Hazel walked outside with her dog at her heels, his tail wagging wildly. She glanced over her shoulder at him as she started to walk down the street. Then looking back forward, she continued with her dog, his tail still wagging as they went.


The man was expressionless, his eyes only showing anger as Hero took their daughter away. The young toddler looked back at him curiously with her deep blue-grey eyes. The man only turned away however, curly brown hair moving in the wind as he trod away from the mansion. The toddler continued to watch the tall figure as she was carried off, and for some reason unknown, tears formed in her eyes...

Hazel attempted to remember this memory more clearly as she walked down London's maze of streets and curves. She was growing tired as the evening sunk in, her dog loping by her side as the two progressed on their long journey.
Gazing up at the foggy blue sky, Hazel calculated that the time was 7:54pm. She knew that she couldn't go on like this for the rest of the night, so she turned round the closest corner in the alley she was in, and found herself on a street she'd never been in before.
But then another memory struck her:

"Never go to the street of 221B. You are allowed to go on nighttime walks, but NEVER down there", her mother had told her on several occasions when she was little. Now remembering that, she saw the street name and shrugged. She was running away now, who would care if she went down this street or not?

The most unexpected events occurred now in this long odd street:
As Hazel and Embry walked slowly down the pathway, she noticed something rather odd: a man, rather tall and curly-haired, was pulling out of a taxi. Another man followed, much shorter and with brown hair. Hazel cocked her head at the two unusual men. They were the oddest men she had ever seen, and now watching them, she saw them head to the furthest flat of the street.
Embry suddenly barked however, and when Hazel turned her attention to him, she saw a burglar running towards her and her dog. So with tired legs, she started running down the street, attempting to get away. This man (she just knew), worked for her mother. He wanted to steal her back and torture her until she gave up. But she would not let that happen anymore. All of the running, the journeying, that would go to waste if she didn't go forward now.
Sprinting like a rocket, Hazel raced down the street, seeing the men turn and look at her as she ran straight for them.

Just as she thought she'd gotten away, Hazel knocked into the short brown-haired man, sending her off balance. She fell to the ground, but immediately hauled herself back up, starting to continue down the pavement; but in the knick of time, the tall curly-haired man had taken her by the collar and dragged her into the flat with the shorter, his strides very precise and calculated.
Then as she watched, she saw her pursuer ghost past the flat's door without noticing her, and she sighed.
~The Diary of a Holmes~ Ch 1.
This is ch 1 of my Sherlock fanfiction. Hope it's enjoyed, and hope people like my character Hazel Holmes :)

Chapter 2: You're a WHAT NOW!?

The water continued to flood through Linken's system, weighing him down as he sunk deeper into the ocean. Although his body had given up on him, his mind hadn't. It fought through, only holding onto life by a thread. His eyes were attempting to flutter open, but when they did it would sting, so Linken would close them again.
His face was becoming paler because of the pressure, and his lungs were breaking from the amount of water. His mind went blank and in one second he was unconscious.


"D'you think he'll be alright?" Donna asked as The Doctor examined the body quickly. His glasses were placed high upon his nose, and his coat lay patiently on the floor beside him.
He had taken Linken's grey furred cloak off of him so the weight wouldn't be too much; the water would have been absorbed into the cloak so it needed time to dry on the sand of the beach.
Finally answering, The Doctor said, "well he somehow fell off the cliff... But if I'm right, he's powerful... So yeah! He should be fine...", then he continued his rambling, going on about how the system grows and other things nobody would understand.

A few minutes past, and The Doctor started pumping the water out of the patient's chest (the patient being Linken), attempting to wake him.
And surprisingly, the treatment worked as Linken's eyes flashed open a few moments later:
In a swift movement, Linken turned round and vomited the water out of his system in spluttering coughs. What worried both Donna and The Doctor though, was that he coughed up a little blood too.
After his spaz, he lay back down in a different place with his eyes tightly shut. His arms crossed over his chest and for the first time, The Doctor noticed something odd:
Linken wasn't wearing a shirt; but for good reason: you see, there was a large scar on his chest, from the tip of his shoulder down to the tip of his right hip bone. This diagonal scar was both long and wide. It was however rather shallow, as if it had been deeper all of Linken's guts would've fallen out. (EW!). 

Now he opened his eyes and gazed around at his surroundings, searching for his saviours. Finding The Doctor and Donna, he sat up on his elbows and analysed them. 
The Doctor was a man with brown frizzy hair which poked upwards. He had a rather long coat folded up next to him on the sand, and a tie on top of that. He wore white converse on his feet, and his eyes were a deep brown. Linken had no idea who he was.
Donna had red wavy long hair, and brown-green eyes. She looked rather shortish to Linken. He had no idea who she was either.

When he tried to get up, The Doctor urged him back down and so he sat cross-legged back on the sand. 
"So how did you end up in the ocean?" Donna asked. Linken's eyebrows shot up, and he looked at her curiously. Then he replied, "I have no idea! Well, maybe I do... It's been a month since I last slept!" 
"A MONTH!?" Donna interrupted.
"A... MONTH...!?"
"Yes... Are you alright? You look worse than me right now... -"
"A... MONTH!? You haven't slept... FOR A MONTH!?"
"Donna, calm down", The Doctor added.
"Well... I think we've already established that... but yeah. A month."
"Don't you think that's a bit unhealthy?" The Doctor asked.
"Oh, seriously, I'm fine! I may have dark circles under my eyes, but I could do this for eternity without result!" Linken tried to explain with his Australian American mixed accent. (Which might I add, was a little confusing).
The Doctor thought for a minute, then:
"So what's your name?"
"My name is Linken Blackwood. Although I am tryna' find a code name to use... The Mixer? Nah, the - the - The Keel? No...".
"Excuse me?" Donna interrupted again, sending Linken falling on his back in alarm. Once he'd gotten up however, she proceeded to slap him.
"Donna!" The Doctor protested, eyebrows raised in both irritation and amusement. 
Linken pulled his face back to see the angry woman and his eyes widened. 
"You gotta get some sleep!" Donna demanded, but the man just shook his head.
"I'm on a quest, no can do. In fact, I didn't get to know your names. What are they?"
"I'm The Doctor and this is Donna. Nice to meet you! And sorry about my friend's rudeness", The Doctor started, but when he saw Linken's whole body stiffen, he stopped. "What's wrong?" No answer came though. Linken's eyes were wide, his whole body stiff, and his mouth slightly agape.

Five minutes had passed and Linken was as stock still as before, only his hair moving to the wind.
Donna now proceeded to wave her hand in front of his face, seeing him blink and shake his head in answer. She sighed in relief, and The Doctor frowned.
"Are you okay?" The Doctor asked again, this time louder.
"Yeah, you sat like that for five minutes...".
Linken still didn't answer though. Instead, he rummaged through his pocket until he found what he was looking for: a stethoscope. He gave one end to the Doctor, and placed the other on the left side of his chest.
The Doctor heard Linken's heartbeat when he put the other end of the stethoscope on. Then when Linken placed the the stethoscope on the other side of his chest, The Doctor's eyes widened. 
"Not just Time Lord. Werewolf Warlock as well", Linken explained.
Then Donna interrupted (AGAIN): 
"1. What's a Warlock!? And 2. How did you know The Doctor was a Time Lord!?"
"Answer to 1. Warlock's are like mixtures between Fairies and Wizards, but their alien version. 2. Because... We're both... Time Lords?"
"And answer 3 from me is: who the hell are you!?"

Chapter 1: Linken Blackwood?

As the man thought of his home, and that night, a single tear fell down his pale white cheek. Wiping it away with the cuff of his gauntlet, he continued to walk across the moors of England, hearts set on finding the father he had never knew: The Doctor.
Linken smiled faintly as he thought of his father. They had never met before, and he wondered what he could look like or who he might be. He knew he was a Time Lord, but was he a good Time Lord? Now Linken frowned. He didn't want to know his father as he knew The Master. The Master had beaten him and cursed on him like he'd been his servant. The other Time Lords hadn't even trusted Linken. They hated him for what he was: a Time Lord Werewolf Warlock. The most impossible, dangerous, and rare being in the universe.
"Oh shut up!" Link told himself as he continued his long walk on the moors. 
He saw the fog setting in, and so he pulled the hood of his grey furred cloak onto his head, wrapping himself in the mystery of the day.


The Doctor walked through the TARDIS with boredom, trying to hint to Donna about which place he wished to go; but she would just nod to one suggestion, then shake her head to the other. He was very confused about this woman. From one second she could be funny and amusing, and to the next she could be serious and understanding. 
Now she was in the middle of these two things, thinking rather hard about where she wanted to go.
"How about Earth?" Donna finally said. 
"What about Earth?" The Doctor replied with confusion evident on his features. Donna rolled her eyes, and started again: "Earth! You know, go to Earth for lunch? Perhaps re-meet Agatha Christie!" But at this The Doctor just shook his head. But seeing what she was trying to say, he smiled.
"Alright then, Earth it is! Allons-y!"


Linken was tired. He had spent months attempting to find The Doctor in England. He knew so many bolt-holes where his father could be in, but the Earth was such a confusing place. The poor man yawned widely, rubbing his tired eyes gently as he walked. 
Sadly however, he didn't watch where he was going, and before he knew, he was falling off of the rocks of the hill he had been walking across. With a yelp of alarm, the Time Lord Werewolf Warlock fell.
The wind screamed through his ears and he closed his eyes as the world shook around him suddenly. He fell at an alarmingly fast speed, only making him want to vomit as the ocean came closer and closer.
He thought for a second that he might die and have to regenerate, but glancing over his shoulder he saw the ocean making its way toward him. He yelped again and looked up front just in time to see a blue box land on top of the moors, where he had just been.
Then the water took him, and the force that hit his back made him cough; but with that one cough, the ocean's water flew through his lungs quickly, sending his arms weak and legs still.
He was giving up too fast. He knew he had to get up, run to that cliff, find that man, and talk to him! But alas he couldn't, because the sea was too much for his lungs to take.
The world started to fall in his vision, and his body went limp in acceptance.
But he didn't have to wait long...
A Journey With The Doctor Ch 1
This ch was pretty short, but I'll be making them and submitting them very quickly as I'm good at that XD so enjoy and I might write more this afteroon O.o

Prologue: A man and his quest

The whispering wind blew through the trees as the moon rose high into the night sky.

Fog travelled in with this wind, sending the night into a mysterious grey.

Thunder clouds started to cave in, and with them the rain. Lightning filled up the sky in seconds, rain pouring down like an endless shower.


In all of this sudden chaos, a figure loomed. He stood leaned against an oak tree, its large leaves keeping him safe from the rain and thunder and lightning.

His blue glittery eyes reflected off of the moon, giving them a starry color as he glanced around at his surroundings.

A few raindrops fell on the man’s shoulders as he walked away from the safety of his shelter. He placed his arms behind his head in a temporary pillow as he strode with soft footsteps through the rain.


The storm was settling finally, as the man strode through the exit of the ginormous forest. His eyebrows dripped water into his eyes, and he kept on wiping them away with annoyance.

Then seeing as dawn would arrive soon, the man sprinted into the trees urgently.



Hours had passed slowly and the man shuffled out of the trees, still completely drenched and tired. His golden-white wavy hair had grown a darkish-brown tilt from all the rain.

Checking the time on his grey watch, he smiled faintly.

‘This is the perfect time to find Rassilon!’ He thought as the two suns fought their lengthy way back into the sky after setting the previous night.

The man’s smile grew bigger as he saw the familiar flash of light from the distance, calling him home.

A Journey With The Doctor Prologue
This is a fanfic about Doctor Who, and Linken Blackwood (who is my main character in my mind palace). I shall also be making Sherlock fanfic's and some other made up stories by me. I hope you enjoy, and this is my first time doing this so I hope I didn't mess up XD 


No journal entries yet.


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