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~The Diary of a Holmes~ Ch 1.
Ch 1.: Memories and the Forbidden Outside...
NOTE: this book is entirely about my character, just as my other series of Doctor Who is, but you still might enjoy it as it has comedy and fun and seriousness and Sherlock himself in it. It's also mainly about drama and the relationship between Sherlock and my character, Hazel Holmes.
The sky was a gloomy grey, as per usual in England. The streets of London were dirty and busy, and as she looked at it through her bedroom window, she sighed.
Her mother, Hero, had always kept her a secret; a secret from both her father, and the outside world. Whenever they travelled, she always had to wear a hood for Hero's sake. She hated it. She hated her mother.
Hero was always telling her daughter how much like her father she was. Telling her that she looked, sounded, and acted like him all of the time; telling her that their personalities were always in sync.
Hero wasn't very smart however, cruel she may be. So to use
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A Journey With The Doctor Ch 2
Chapter 2: You're a WHAT NOW!?
The water continued to flood through Linken's system, weighing him down as he sunk deeper into the ocean. Although his body had given up on him, his mind hadn't. It fought through, only holding onto life by a thread. His eyes were attempting to flutter open, but when they did it would sting, so Linken would close them again.
His face was becoming paler because of the pressure, and his lungs were breaking from the amount of water. His mind went blank and in one second he was unconscious.
"D'you think he'll be alright?" Donna asked as The Doctor examined the body quickly. His glasses were placed high upon his nose, and his coat lay patiently on the floor beside him.
He had taken Linken's grey furred cloak off of him so the weight wouldn't be too much; the water would have been absorbed into the cloak so it needed time to dry on the sand of the beach.
Finally answering, The Doctor said, "well he somehow fell off the cliff... But if I'm r
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A Journey With The Doctor Ch 1
Chapter 1: Linken Blackwood?
As the man thought of his home, and that night, a single tear fell down his pale white cheek. Wiping it away with the cuff of his gauntlet, he continued to walk across the moors of England, hearts set on finding the father he had never knew: The Doctor.
Linken smiled faintly as he thought of his father. They had never met before, and he wondered what he could look like or who he might be. He knew he was a Time Lord, but was he a good Time Lord? Now Linken frowned. He didn't want to know his father as he knew The Master. The Master had beaten him and cursed on him like he'd been his servant. The other Time Lords hadn't even trusted Linken. They hated him for what he was: a Time Lord Werewolf Warlock. The most impossible, dangerous, and rare being in the universe.
"Oh shut up!" Link told himself as he continued his long walk on the moors. 
He saw the fog setting in, and so he pulled the hood of his grey furred cloak onto his head, wrappi
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A Journey With The Doctor Prologue
Prologue: A man and his quest

The whispering wind blew through the trees as the moon rose high into the night sky.
Fog travelled in with this wind, sending the night into a mysterious grey.
Thunder clouds started to cave in, and with them the rain. Lightning filled up the sky in seconds, rain pouring down like an endless shower.
In all of this sudden chaos, a figure loomed. He stood leaned against an oak tree, its large leaves keeping him safe from the rain and thunder and lightning.
His blue glittery eyes reflected off of the moon, giving them a starry color as he glanced around at his surroundings.
A few raindrops fell on the man’s shoulders as he walked away from the safety of his shelter. He placed his arms behind his head in a temporary pillow as he strode with soft footsteps through the rain.
The storm was settling finally, as the man strode through the exit of the ginormous forest
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Some Secrets... Edward Elric X Reader (Part 2)
Some Secrets Aren’t Meant To Be Kept
Part 2
Edward Elric X Reader
You were awoken by a small knock at your door.
“(Name, name) are you awake?” It sounded like Ed.
“I am now, come in.” You sat turning on your bed-side lamp, rubbing your eyes trying to get used to the light. Looking up, you saw the door open and a shadow step inside. He closed the door behind him and stepped into the light. Edward look flustered and a little scared.
“Ed, are you ok?”
“Yeah, I just had a really bad nightmare, is it ok… If I stay with you?” He asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head, biting his bottom lip.
“Sure.” You shrug and wriggle over, making room for him besides you.
“Thanks.” He said quietly, getting in next to you, pulling the blanket over his metal and skin.  You yawned and sit up, leaning across him, your noses brushing together.
“Wh-what ar-.” And with that you clicked
:iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 204 220
*Some Secrets...* Edward Elric X Reader (Part 1)
Some Secrets Aren’t Meant To Be Kept
Part 1
Edward Elric X Reader
You sighed happily as you watched Edward and Al spar with each other. You’d met them three years ago when Ed had saved your life. It’s funny to think you’re glad you almost died that day, if not you wouldn’t be here with them right now, best friends.
“Hey (name)! Watch this, I’m beating him this time!” Shouted Edward, ready to attack his brother, making sure you were watching. If Al had his body right now, you were pretty sure he would be rolling his eyes. You watched, cheering for them both (even though you cheered for Edward more) and took in all the flips, jumps and punches.
With one swift movement, Al had tripped Edward up and sent him flying, crashing to the ground. Edward sat up and moaned, feeling embarrassed.
“You sure beat him this time!” You winked, making fun of your friends defeat. Edward got up and dusted himself off, walking ove
:iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 259 126
Full Metal Alchemist X Reader Spin the bottle

"It's spin the bottle time," Havoc chimed as he waved the beer bottle in his hand. You had a small... I mean 'small' gathering at your house inviting a couple of your friends from the military including the Elric brothers. Not forgetting to invite your close friend Winry. Scar was there too but hey were all friends now. Plus the homunculus who invited themselves. Oh and Alfons Heiderich was there too who you also invited. so yeah very small gathering party.... pfft Not
"Huh? Why that game?" you asked with a raised eyebrow. "I was looking for games on what you call the web and this was one of the popular ones. Can we play it pretty please?" Havoc asked with puppy eyes. "F-Fine. Just don't ever give me those puppy eyes again," you muttered. "I can't promise you that. Okay guys everyone get into a circle," he shouted and everyone did as told.
"So here it goes. the neck side of the bottle is the pointer. Who ever spins the bottle and whoever the bo
:iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 65 16
Best Murse Ever [Edward Elric x Sick!Reader]
~Reader's POV~
Needless to say, you were feeling absolutely positively horrible. You had caught a nasty cold that had attacked you from nowhere, and you were currently taking refuge in a mass of blankets.
Worst of all, because your parents were not going to be home for the entire week, you were stuck by yourself. Not only the the feeling of impossible dread fill you up, but also loneliness.
You sighed, deciding to hold a little pity party for yourself when there was a knock at the door.
Who could it be? Probably just some stupid salesmen trying to get you to buy his ignored the knocking and buried into your pillows.
The sound of the lock on your door unlocking and the swing of the door bright you into high alert. Someone had unlocked your door.
Your frail hands tightened around your blankets and you trembled nervously. Just then, a blonde haired male with bright golden eyes stepped into your room.
You blinked. "Ed?"
Indeed it was the Fullmetal Alchemist, in his usual atti
:iconcross-angel-chan:Cross-Angel-Chan 428 301
Edward Elric X Reader: A New Sense
“Oh my gawd DONE! I finished checking that whatever place for suspicious shit sire.” You said sarcastically to Roy as you walked into his office.
“Good. And it’s not a whatever place, it’s an abandoned town. Now give me your report, ________.” Roy said, crossing his arms.
“Okay. So, it was dark and creepy as hell everywhere, and there were an awful lot of creepy sounds. So aside from being a prime rape zone, totally unoccupied. Then I went into an alley. Not so fine there.” You said.
“And what makes it not so fine?” Roy persisted.
“Ah, just some dumbasses. Rebel alchemists misusing alchemy. I didn’t think there would be people that pathetic there, but anything’s possible. So they saw me and thought it would be fun to try and kill me. Bad idea. They were psychotic drunks so they missed. Naturally I smashed their faces in with my lovely fist.” You said, smacking your fist into your hand for emphasis.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 385 192
Jealousy - Sherlock X Reader
       Rain was falling down from the roof of the flat John Watson and Sherlock Holmes shared. John, at the moment, was sipping a cup of tea and smiling at his laptop as he typed away. Sherlock, on the other hand, was bored. He had no cases to solve, and John had taken away the gun after he got three bullets in the wall where the yellow smiley face was painted. He looked around the room, trying to finding something to peak his interest, even if for a second. John let out a soft chuckle and continued typing, nodding at something.
       Sherlock sat up, looking at his face and body expressions. He was smiling, but it wasn't a smile as if something were funny. No, it was more of a smile as if he was conversing with an old pal. But the way his body was relaxed, and that he continued to type instead of taking a break, it was an important person in his life. A girlfriend, possibly. That probably wasn't it, though, because John would be more nervous th
:iconboondocksaints2001:boondocksaints2001 29 12
The Woman and The Man: Part 1 (Sherlock x Reader)
Irene Adler.
You hated her name and anything to do with her. You hated how she invaded the boundaries you thought only you could cross. All of the time she spent with Sherlock made you jealous, and you hated her for it. You could tell her intentions weren't good. If only you had a man to make him jealous, that would capture his attention. Yet you knew you couldn't do that to Sherlock. You loved him way too much.
Irene though, you had no patience for her or her actions whatsoever.
You felt nothing but hatred towards her which is why you were desperately trying to convince John there was nothing between Irene and Sherlock. You were still trying to convince yourself.
"John, I don't think anything is going on between them. At least I hope not. I know what she's capable of, but I trust Sherlock. I doubt there's anything there. I'd like to think I'm pretty special. I mean, I'm the only one allowed in his room. Point is, there's nothing between them. Even if there was, I wouldn't give up with
:iconmelaniecarlile:melaniecarlile 5 2
Favorites (SherlockxReader)
Summary: You and John explain to Sherlock what it means to have a favorite person.
“So this man is innocent, and was framed by his brother so that he would be sent to prison?” John asked Sherlock, making sure he understood correctly.
“Yes, it’s very obvious,” Sherlock said as he began playing a slow tune on his violin.
“That’s terrible,” John stated, “doing that to your own brother.”
“His brother was probably the favorite,” you replied from Sherlock’s chair, taking a bite of an apple Mrs. Hudson had given you earlier.
“Favorite? What does that have to do with anything?” Sherlock remarked.
“Well everyone has favorites, whether they admit it or not,” you replied. “And that favoritism often leads to jealously, especially when one comes from a rich family like that man did.”
“Not everyone has favorites,” Sherlock scoffed, still playing his violin.
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 875 165
Sleep Deprived (Sherlockxreader)
“(y/n) turn off that game. You need to sleep.”
“I can’t stop now Sherlock. I just unlocked a new mission!” You didn’t even turn away from the TV when you answered Sherlock and that made him even more annoyed than he already was.
“That’s not important now turn it off,” he demanded.
“Sherlock there is dragon burning down villages. I think that qualifies as important.”
“(y/n) its four in the morning and you’ve been there for nearly seventeen hours. It normally wouldn’t matter but seeing as you haven’t slept for forty-eight hours you need to stop.”
“Just five more minutes.”
“You haven’t even been blinking, that’s going to dry out your eyes,” he said as he walked to your side.
“Of course I’ve been blinking, don’t be ridiculous,” you said brushing off his words.
“(y/n) look at me,” he ordered.
“Ugggh what Sherlock?
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 683 82
Bet (Sherlock CastXReader)
Martin walked into Benedict’s house and found you and him in the same position upside down on the couch.
“What the hell are you two doing?” Martin asked.
“Seeing who lasts longer” Benedict replied.
“We’ve been at it 10 minutes” You added.
“All the blood will rush to your head you know” Martin commented sitting down opposite
you both.
“We know which is why it’s the perfect bet. If I win she has to cook for me all week wearing a French maid outfit” Benedict nodded the best he could.
“And if she wins?” Martin asked curiously.
“If I win he has to tell Andrew he loves him while dropping to his knees in front of everyone at dinner next week” You replied casually.
“I really hope you win” Martin smirked at Benedict who rolled his eyes.
“She won’t” Benedict replied confidently. After another 5 minutes the three of you heard the front door open and close.
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 187 31
Carry Me Home (ShelockxReader)
You stood in the area outside Mrs. Hudson’s door staring in the mirror. You fidgeted with the bottom of your dress trying to smooth out any wrinkles in the black fabric. After it was smoothed you then ran your hands up and down the long lace sleeves trying to make the fabric lay straight. Even then you couldn’t stop yourself from fidgeting because something still felt off. The hem fell just above your knee and it felt weird not having the usual feel of jeans against your legs. You were only wearing the dress because you were taking Mrs. Hudson out to dinner and she wanted to go to this new fancy Italian restaurant. A place like that required certain attire.
“Mrs. Hudson are you almost ready?” You called over your shoulder as you stepped into your red stilettos.
“Oh yes just one second dear!” She called as you heard her rummaging through a jewelry box. You turned back to the mirror again taking in your appearance when Sherlock and John came bounding d
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 639 56
Two Front Teeth (BBC Sherlock x Reader One Shot)
You bounded up the stairs quicker than you normally would in excitement, it was Christmas Eve after all, and ended up tripping up them, your face making contact with the edge of one of the stairs.
Sherlock had heard you coming, you weren’t exactly quiet by any means, at least not unless you wanted to be, and had also heard the subsequent thud as had John, who tilted his head, ”What was that?”
He got up to investigate and when he opened the door came face to face with you, blood dripping from both your nose and a cut on your lip, “I sshink I csshipped a toossh.”
John sighed, not particularly surprised at your current state, and pressed one hand over his eyes, pointing to his chair with the other, “Go sit.”
You went to flop down in it grumbling as you wiped at your nose, “Shhnow I’m going to have to go to shhe dentissht. I hate shhe dentisshht.”
Sherlock cocked an eyebrow at you and you scowled at him, curling your legs up into
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 278 64
Ice Cream (BBC Sherlock x Reader Drabble)
You shoved a spoonful of chocolate ice cream into your mouth happily, content watching daytime television from John’s chair with your feet pulled up and your tub of ice cream. That is until your boyfriend, Sherlock, emerged from his room and plucked it from your hands, causing you to immediately protest, “Sherlock, give it back!”
“You’ve already eaten half the tub, love. It’s bad for you.”
You let out a pathetic whine, “Johhnn.”
Your brother didn’t even look up from his computer, “Give her back the ice cream, Sherlock.”
“You know as well as I do that that much sugar is not good for a person’s system, she-“
He cut Sherlock off, looking up with an entirely unamused expression, “Just give it back.”
John opened his mouth to respond but caught a glimpse of you and let out a heavy sigh, shooting Sherlock a glare as he moved to crouch in front of you. You’d started to
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 758 211
Just a Grilled Cheese (Sherlock x Reader Drabble)
Pan- Check.
Spatula- Check.
Bread- Check.
Cheese- Check.
Butter- Ch-….

“Sherlock? Where’s the butter?”
“I used it for an experiment.”
“And you couldn’t have told me that before I went to the grocery so I could get more?”
No response.
You let out a little growl at the ceiling, “I’ll just have to ask-“
“I used all Mrs. Hudson’s as well.”
You slumped against the counter. All you had wanted was a grilled cheese. Just toasty bread and melted cheese. But of course in this household that was asking too much.
Two weeks. Two weeks you’d wanted a grilled cheese and every time you went to make one something came up. Needless to say that at this point the craving was almost unbearable.
John came into the kitchen to find you looking at your ingredients with the most dejected look on your face. You looked like a kicked puppy and it was damn near heartbreaking. He wrapped an arm around your shoulde
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 639 97
Night Terrors Sherlock x Reader
It had been weeks since the incident. Everything seemed to go back to normal on Baker Street.
Sherlock continued to be an annoying know-it-all. John kept on blogging. And you were often at 221B. It was more of a home than your actual flat.
Except for the nightmares. They never seemed to get better. Only worse and more vivid as time went on.
What if Sherlock didn't get to you in time?
What if the crazy man had the chance to keep you?
Would he have blown you up? Or, something much, much worse?

These were things the night terrors focused on. Picking out one of the fears of your mind and conjuring it up into a 'reality'.
You never dare told John or Sherlock, though you were sure with the way the Holmes boy looked at you that he knew. How could he not? The detective was fantastic at noticing your details.
Currently, the three of you were lounging about in the flat. Sherlock in his chair with his silly violin, John in his with tea and you sitting off to the side with tea of your own.
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 644 63
She Is A Little Crazy Sherlock x Reader
“It's different this time. You know it.”
Sherlock was quiet, eyes skimming quickly over all the scattered pieces.
“It's because it's her.”
Still silence.
“You need a break. When was the last time you ate? Slept? You've barely moved from that spot for the last ten hours!”
His eyes snapped up toward the man. They were void of emotion. “If I even waste a second, she will die, John. Do you want that?”
John's face fell before he dropped into his chair and buried his face into his hands. You were gone. Taken away by Moriarty. In order to get you back, they needed to complete the puzzle. A literal puzzle. At each crime scene, there was a piece or two. Those were the hints. Once all the pieces were in Sherlock's possession, you would die. The goal? They had to figure out the picture before that. John had his suspicions that the actual picture would reveal where you were being kept, but Sherlock never answered.
Of course, none of the pieces really
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 549 20


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